2021 Artist in Residence


media & entrepreneurship for the new economy... SUCCESS DECODED HERE.

Young Angels Network is a consortium of young entrepreneurs, artists and media innovators who are learning how to take creative concepts and turn them into commerce and media... on a close-to-zero budget.  Our goal is to connect a new class of business people with the resources they need to to succeed.

We know that many young people are given a parental boost to get their idea off the ground, but many others aren't. A thousand dollars to jump start a business can make all the difference. Our programs offer startup basics such as web sites, e-commerce platforms, broadcast platforms, business cards, merchandise acquisition and the one-on-one mentorship needed to build an income stream.  Our projects first allow our members to straddle their day jobs while they work with us to develop their business, and then ultimately, monetize that business so that it can be their full-time work. We are a program of Community Service Live, a 501 (c) 3 community benefit, non-partisan organization founded in 2002. 

Ask about our custom community service projects to fulfill service-hour requirements.


  • To empower young people with the media skills they need to advance.

  • To drive support for after-school and summer enrichment opportunities.

  • To provide performance and production opportunities for emerging artists & executives.

  • To create organic advertising for forward-thinking businesses.