By Raju Sathyarani

12628 Avalon Blvd. LA 90061
Sue Jean Foulkes, Principal
December 22, 2009

Brook and Debbie,

Thank you once again for the amazing opportunity for the students at Ànimo Watts Charter High School, by helping our students put on their very first dance of this academic year. It is needless for me to say that the Saints Inferno was a huge success in building community and teaching our student leaders valuable lessons that they will apply as they move forward with their Ànimo Watts career and beyond. I wanted you to know that I am really glad that Tony gave us the opportunity to work with you, as it has been a wonderful experience for our students as well as for myself. You provided me with an opportunity to fulfill our student’s need with the limited amount of time and resources I had, this experience for our students would definitely not have come to fruition if it were left to my own accord.

As a school leader, I have been struggled to maintain focus on everything that probably deserves attention. You were excellent is keeping your Tuesday after-school meetings, as well as coming in with a game plan that was fail proof. The consistency paired with your vision for this dance, helped our students and the event be successful. For myself, the event was easy because once we went through our initial meeting, I knew that my students and faculty advisory were in good hands. You were able to effectively gel a group of students with a common goal, and provide them with your expertise to have them meet the goal. The synergy of the group was self-evident throughout each of the meetings that I got to stop by in, as well as at the dance.

The Young Angels program has helped cultivate a leadership group on our campus, as well as identify new leaders at the school. I will never forget the day of the dance, when I realize one of our students Yvette Monje as one of the main leaders of the dance. Yvette has always been known to me as a student who had great grades, was well liked, but also as quiet student. During the six weeks that you worked with her, she bloomed into the natural leader that she is. In addition to identifying new leaders, you helped some of our existing leaders refine their skills, as well as equip them with new skills that will help them become more effective. One of the most memorable moments for me will be the Young Angels of Ànimo Watts proudly presenting their earned check to me. The pride and sense of accomplishment was so evident in that room, that it brought me to tears. It was overwhelming, because that feeling of success is what I hope our students will feel throughout their life.

Thank you for the relationships that you have built with our students, for delivering an amazing program where our students were able to feel success, and for teaching our students valuable skills that they will make even more sense to them as they go through their economic course. You ladies as well as the Palisades team members have been amazing to our students and our community. I very much look forward to the continued partnership and work that we do for our students at Ànimo Watts.

Sue Jean Foulkes