Beyond The Bathing Suit - Interview w Alexandra Paul

By Brook

Alexandra Paul Interview

We had a great interview with Alexandra Paul. It was fascinating to find out how one of the original cast members of Baywatch dedicated herself post-show to activism. She took all sorts of risks, spent more than a night or two in the clinker and kept on going to defend injustices from environmental concerns to animal welfare. And she continues to swim-- (she says to stay calm, I say to stay gorgeous).

Do listen for the bit about the Baywatch bathing suit learning curve and how the producers grew to accept Alexandra's wishes to leave her body intact. She's an original #metoo.

As if resistance and swimming like a pro isn't enough to keep a body busy, Alexandra has built a business as a health coach. A master of reinvention, Alexandra is down-to-earth, not a show-off, and a great example of community service. Recorded at Wells Fargo Bank in Pacific Palisades, Courtesy of Nick Grandchamp. Take a listen.