By Raju Sathyarani

Los Angeles
April 8, 2010
Young Angels of America Dual Neighborhood
Fundraising Project Teaches Philanthropy to Students

No Soccer Uniforms? No Problem:
Empowered Students Ignore Recession / Mobilize Fundraising
Pacific Palisades: Young Angels of America.
Two Teams of student fundraisers are producing “CHASE”, a middle-school dance that is the 4th this year in a series of events that are part of the Young Angels of America’s Dual Neighborhood Fundraising Project. The dance features the BabyDollz, a 16-year-old duo that is already giving back to their community along with rapper KHAO. The dance is in support of its new team at Animo Jackie Robinson Charter High School.

CHASE. Student Dance Produced by
Young Angels of America Dual Neighborhood Fundraising Project

Revibe the Music Artist: KHAO
Special Guests: The Baby Dollz – 16 Years Old. Already Giving Back.
v Friday, April 9th, 2010
Palisades Lutheran Church
15905 Sunset Blvd.
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
Grades: 6-9
Time: 7-10 p.m.

Young Angels of America, headquartered in Pacific Palisades, has been teaching kids how to put on peer music events since their first Linkin Park concert in 2002.

The Young Angels’ Dual Neighborhood Fundraising Team partners teams in higher-income areas with teams in lower-income areas to share resources and fundraise for activities impacted by budget shortfalls. The Pacific Palisades Team is partnered with Young Angels Animo Watts and have co-produced events to generate their own money. They have created a money-generating student store, struck a deal with Dreyer’s Ice Cream and raised enough money for yearbook and soccer uniforms.

Co-President of the Watts Team, Junior Pedro Puentes says, “I’m not letting the recession get in the way of high school. I needed to play soccer. The team needed soccer uniforms, Young Angels taught us how to get them. We made our own money. They can mess around all they want downtown, we’re not waiting on that. We’re making it happen for ourselves.”

Teams from a cross-section of L.A. neighborhoods work together at Young Angels events—(arriving by donated limo) and have developed a network of friendships across town and across neighborhoods.

Current Teams include Young Angels Pacific Palisades, Young Angels Animo Watts High School, Young Angels Hollywood, Young Angels Animo Jackie Robinson High School, Young Angels Horace Mann and Young Angels Manhattan Beach.