By Raju Sathyarani

Jack Wada never met his Grandma. She died at 38 of breast cancer. He has grown up hearing all about her, though, and how Grandma Beverly Wolman started Concern Foundation, a premiere cancer research organization. Jack, a 6th grader at Paul Revere, is part of the Young Angels of America production team, and his work today would make his Grandma proud.

As a member of Young Angels, Jack and the rest of the team are responsible for the planning of and production of events, including the upcoming Winter Dance to be held at the Woman’s Club on March 2nd. In addition to event production, the Young Angels select charitable organizations to support with the event profits. They review issues of concern to them on both a local and national level, and select organizations that they would like to help. The recipients of the Winter Dance event will be Concern Foundation, with a gift ear-marked for pediatric cancer research, and an additional gift to MADISONS Foundation.

Madisons Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality and quantity of information available to parents of children with rare, life-threatening diseases. The organizations’ namesake, Madison Smith, will be in attendance at the event. A sixth-grader, Madison made quite an impression at the Fall Dance when she engaged in a “dance-off” with Palisades High Junior, Erin Kelly. She will be onstage with Jack and the other Angels to supervise the guitar giveaway and the introduction of the surprise guest. Madison will also be receiving the check from the Young Angles at a special follow-up meeting, when she will give a talk about her organization and her activities to help the Foundation, which was started by her mom. While the two eleven-year olds have never met, their philanthropic activities are equally impressive. “Jack Wada is a young Warren Buffet, and Madison Smith is a clear young voice that talks about the importance of doing the right thing in an era when most kids are all about me,” says Young Angels Executive Director, Teresa Bond. “It’s quite impressive to watch this group of kids figure out how to give back.”