By Dilip Ashwin

By Brook Dougherty 310.266.7171


WEASELS AT THE OAK ROOM – September 23rd, 2011. 8:30 p.m. $8.00 at the door. No minimum. Deli open for dinner.
Young Angels of America is an organization that teaches teens how to produce events and give back to the community. My partner Debbie and I founded it ten years ago, and a team of local, kid entrepreneurs has been putting on student fundraising dances in the Palisades ever since. Our teen producers have worked at the Polo Tournament, and Chamber of Commerce gigs at the Riviera, they’ve had garage sales and helped their sister team in Watts. They know their way around a cash box and a VIP, and how to handle a celebrity. I’d put them up front at any event with utter confidence.
At our back-to-school meeting, it turned out a lot of families had stayed home this summer. We talked about missing Village Books, and how Swarthmore seemed sad and what could they do to liven things up. The kids decided it was their civic duty to expand their production efforts to grownups. I was totally down with that since I’d spent the summer writing grants for our Watts team, and as super fun as that was, I could use some inexpensive, local fun. Now that Village Books is gone, there’s not much cheer on Swarthmore. With the exception of the bar at Pearl Dragon and the back of the Mobil station, Pacific Palisades doesn’t have a real after-dark scene at all.
When my husband told me that the Weasels, my favorite boomer boy band, are playing at Lenny’s Oak Room on September 23rd, I asked if Young Angels could produce. It would be a good experience for the kids. Lenny is the kind of entrepreneur I wanted the team to be around, and rock ‘n roll that’s close to home? It may not be Paris, but it worked for me.
The Weasels play all the tunes that remind me of my big sisters being young, stupid and boy-crazy, and the best part is I’m married to the lead guitar player. He is the kind of guy the popular girls drooled over, and I wished would go out with me. All the Weasel boys are easy on the eye. A cadre of Weasel women, many of whom live in the Palisades, some of whom are your doctors and lawyers, can be counted on to show up every time they play, whether it’s Corpus Christi, the Bay Club or Rusty’s at the Pier. They belly up to the band like it’s1969, and if you want to know what’s hot in the Palisades, it’s Weasel women.
That Oak Room has historic energy. Some great times have been had there in the past. When the Weasels take the stage on September 23rd, the good times will start up again, and it’s not a moment too soon. This economy brings new meaning to the word “bummer.” Not to worry. In true American style, the nexus of young entrepreneurs, a forward-thinking local businessman, and cute boys playing rock ‘n roll will take our minds off the money, and put them back where they belong. Girls watching boys. Boys watching girls. And dancing. It’s the season for a good time, right?
For dinner reservations before the show call 310.454.3337.
Friday, September 23, 2011. The Oak Room.
1035 Swarthmore Ave, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272.
$8 at the door. No minimum.