Question 1: How do I buy a ticket?
Answer: Tickets can be purchased on line at You may also pay at the door but admittance is not guaranteed. If you buy on line, the ticket price is $20.00. If you pay at the door, the ticket price is $30.00.

Question 2: What is the YA policy about handbags and backpacks?
Answer: Backpacks or overnight bags or handbags are not allowed inside the dance. They are left, at the owner's risk, outside. All bags are subject to search at check in. It is recommended that you send your child with an I.D., a cell phone and cash for snacks. Young Angels will not drive lost items to a child's house the next day. Lost items are kept for one week at our office (310.573.9913) and are then given to homeless organizations.

Question 3: What is the drop-off/pickup procedure for middle school dances?
Answer: Students line up in a secured, orderly fashion and are admitted to the check-in area by our security where they are bag checked. Parents are welcome to park and inspect the dance site. Dances end at 10 p.m., and parents may park and retrieve their children, or arrange to meet them outside the event as long as they are not blocking traffic. We have security in place until the last child is picked up. Children are not permitted to walk home or "into the Village", or to indicate that they are "taking the bus" or "meeting their parents at Gelson's". Children are ONLY released to a parent. We reserve the right to ask to see parental identification.

Question 4: What is the security at YAofA events?
Answer: Our overarching concern is the physical safety of the children. Security for our events is provided by Special Events Management, and has been in place since 2002 with the same team of guards who know the children and the organization. There has not been a single incident of violence or drugs or alcohol in ten years of events.

Question 5: What happens if I have not bought a ticket?
Answer: We accept walk-in guests at the door until we have reached capacity. All pre-paid ticket holders are accepted.

Question 6: What are the ages of the students at YAofA events?
Answer: Middle School dances include middle school students. Some dances are grades 6-8. Others are 7-9. High School events are designated as "High School Only".

Question 7: Is there food served at YAofA events?
Answer: At some events, we sell beverages and ice cream. At some events, the beverages and food are included in the ticket price.

Question 8: What schools do the kids come from?
Answer: Guests come from public and private schools, unless the event is a “school-only” event.

Question 9: What does YAofA support?
Answer: Young Angels has supported ChloeLove Foundation (teaching typical kids about kids with special needs), the Polar Bears, the Police Activities League, Concern Foundation, Madison’s Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, L.A., Healing the Children. St. John the Evangelist School, St. Eugene School, Animo Watts Charter High School Soccer. We support our Young Angels Drug and Alcohol awareness program, Young Angels College Scholarship Campaigns & Enrichment Scholarship Programs.

Question 10: How many Young Angels Teams are there?
Answer: We have a Team in Pacific Palisades and a Team in South L.A. and a Team in the Valley. We have new Teams forming in the fall. For information on starting a Team call 310.573.9913.

Question 11: How does a student become a member of a production team?
Answer: By application.

Question 12: What is the YAofA Dress Code?
Answer: We do not have a formal dress code, but anybody inappropriately dressed will be reported to security at check in and will be placed on the “observe list”. We also reserve the right to refuse admission to any student who looks inappropriate in any way that we deem dangerous to the event. This includes but is not limited to outfits that reveal undergarments, or provocatively display the body in a manner we deem disruptive.

Question 13: Does YAofA take credit cards?
Answer: We take credit cards on line. Cash and checks at the door.

Question 14: What is the YAofA policy on drugs and alcohol?
Answer: Zero tolerance.

Question 15: What is Young Angels of America?
Answer: YAofA is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit corporation. We are a community service program made up of middle and high school students from Los Angeles schools. Our mission is to create awareness within young people of the importance of giving back to their community. Young Angels learn how to produce dance and concert events and then select charitable organizations to support.

Question 16: Who are the chaperones for the events?
Answer: Adult program directors and volunteers serve as chaperones in the dance hall. Their primary role is to make sure there is no sexual harassment or bullying or unwanted physical contact. Dancing that is deemed dangerous or could be construed as sexual harassment or unwanted physical contact is monitored and offenders may be asked to leave.

Question 17: What is the YAofA Code of Conduct?
Answer: No Groping, no unwanted physical contact, no sexual harassment, no bullying, zero tolerance on drugs/alcohol. Consequences for any of the above are removal from dance hall and phone call home plus placement on a permit do-not-admit list. Young Angels provides a physically safe place for teens to socialize as an alternative to more dangerous forms of socializing such as house parties, sleepovers or unsupervised outdoor gatherings. Our position on conduct has remained consistent over the years which is that any conduct that is dangerous, such as groping, is unacceptable. Kids need a place to socialize where they are safe.