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The mission of Community Service Live is to foster a culture of philanthropy and entrepreneurship in young Americans. Through our emerging artists and executives program, members learn the skills necessary to monetize their concepts and create income.  Our goal is to provide resources that encourage a new class of financially-independent influencers. They in turn become lifelong leaders and supporters of causes they believe in.

Our objective is to demystify the acquisition of wealth by leveraging the predisposition within youth to experiment with their rich entrepreneurial spirit.  We believe there is an aristocracy of talent in America that is accessible to all if privilege is decoded and shared.  We aim to find and focus talent, deconstruct success and offer portals to the pathways that affluent young people effortlessly travel every day.

Our members become young and generous professionals. They move out from under our umbrella with a skill set that prepares them to become forward thinkers, board members, future donors, policy makers and citizens that can be depended upon to stabilize our future.