On the Road with Brook + Debbie

Sometimes people say, "Hey, Brook + Debbie, Where does the money go? What do you spend it on?" Here is an example of Brook + Debbie spending money. We bought this necklace for Animo Watts Sophhomore, Marlin, as part of our jewelry appreciation program. (kidding) Marlin is featured in "Man Talk," a segment of the YA Watts Late Night show where he can relax and give advice on any situation you ask him about. Pictured here L-R are Comedy Instructor Jose Velasquez, Marlin, comedian, Martin Rizo, and of course, Debbie. Marlin is on every Wednesday at 3:30 p.m.

We go from our student teams in Watts to South L.A. and then cruise down the Sunset Strip to catch YA faculty member Susanna Lee on stage at the Comedy Store's storied Belly Room. Susanna is stationed at YA's Animo Watts Charter High School. "If one of our artists is on stage, we'll be in the audience." Brook + Debbie.