Young Angels of America

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Young Angels of America presents “Alpha Parents Advisory” an informal discussion. Topic: “What’s Up with Middle School?” This topic was inspired by an increase in questions received by the Young Angels information line relating to appropriate behavior for middle schoolers. Executive Director Brook Dougherty says, “Parents have questions about how their kids dress, and dance, and handle choices relating to drugs. We used to see this at the high school level, but the reality is, much younger students are facing hard and often lonely choices in their social lives, and those choices don’t get easier as they get to high school and college. As a youth organization, we have an obligation to the community to be available for discussions with parents.” 6 p.m. In the dining room at Mogan’s. Thursday. February 9th. $10 donation at the door. The dining room will be open for food and beverages. This venue has 45 seats, so rsvp to reserve one at

Young Angels of America is a 501 (c) 3 organization that teaches entrepreneurial leadership and event production to middle and high school students so they can support causes they believe in.  Our current initiative supports YA college prep and financial literacy programs in Green Dot schools in South Los Angeles Schools and Watts, California.