Our People

Brook Dougherty

Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Brook began her career in New York as a copywriter for Ogilvy & Mather Advertising. She moved to Los Angeles where she became Vice President of Creative Affairs and International Sales for United American and Australasian Film Productions Pty, Ltd. She then headed up the film department of Pierre Cossette Productions.
After becoming a parent, Dougherty launched her own company, HandmadeMarketing, with the goal of creating custom marketing for small businesses. After partnering with Debbie Koerner, the company focused on marketing for non-profit organizations. Services included development of corporate relationships, diversifying and maximizing boards of directors, enterprise building, publicity, creation of background materials, and production of numerous specialized projects. Dougherty and Koerner founded Community Service Live in 2002, in response to the need they saw for L.A. youth to participate in meaningful community service. Under the program "Young Angels of America," the team went on to raise over $600,000 for a variety of charitable causes.  She is married to F. Jay Dougherty, a professor of entertainment and intellectual property law at Loyola Law School. He is also the lead guitar player of The Weasels Three-Car Garage Band. She has a daughter, Alicia 29, curator of the Dan Eldon Collection at Creative Visions Organization and a stepdaughter, Jenna, a lawyer. 



As the daughter of the renowned Jazz Dancer, Al Minns, dance and the arts are rooted deep in the DNA of Denise Harris.

She grew up in the East coast dance world, developing as a performer, and later, she became a Dance Instructor at the State University of New York at Old Westbury. However, Denise found her love of dance competing with her driving need to take action around social justice issues, so while living in New York City, she become a teacher and a community activist.

A move to Los Angeles allowed Denise to continue her love of dance and theater while also being involved in community activism. This is where she honed her fundraising skills on behalf of non-profits and arts organizations. The combined skill set came together in what was to become a successful, and some say legendary, fourteen-year leadership role at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy (DADA).

During those fourteen years, Denise was responsible for producing annual small and major donor fundraising events, as well as national and international festivals. But what tugged at her heart strings the most was when young artists repeatedly approached her with brilliant artistic ideas, and no idea of how to move them from a dream to a reality.

Joining the team of Community Service Live is the next logical step for Denise. This is the place where she can focus her activism on the importance of the arts in the lives of young people. Here, Denise is sharing her knowledge with the emerging artists, executives and activists the organization serves. She is also focusing on the creation of new, modern architecture for the philanthropic funding of arts programming.



Debbie has created some of Los Angeles’ most extraordinary events during her 14 years with Southern California’s prestigious catering company, Rococo. Koerner served as buyer and sales manager for the largest catering company in Southern California. She worked directly with the president of corporation as his assistant in all levels of planning, organizing, and implementing programs and procedures, thereby learning the entire infrastructure of the company. In the last two years she stepped in as acting buyer & and operations manager and maintained all aspects of the business. Clients included the Emmy Awards, American Music Awards, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Phantom of the Opera premiere, Dream Girls premiere, the LA Marathon, Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum, Pediatric Aids Foundation, and many more. In 1996, she moved to Phenomenex, Inc., where she was Director of Purchasing. Koerner joined Handmade Marketing in 2000, as a partner where she worked on the creation and implementation of production and event planning. Koerner has been an events and production guru there ever since. Her expertise in budget, research, financial management, night-of event management and security has been essential to the Young Angels event-production program. She is married to Philip Koerner, Ph.D., a chemist. She has a cat named cleo.

Carey Odes

God of Comedy

Carey Odes is a legendary fixture on the standup scene. Touring Nationally, he can be found in Los Angeles teaching one of the more exciting and realistic standup comedy courses in the City. Making comedy accessible to anyone who has the nerve to try it has been Carey's calling card for more than a decade. He has worked with Young Angels of America in the creation of the Young Men of Comedy program where he worked in the classroom at our Watts location with a squad of emerging comics to teach high school juniors how to develop a solid five minutes. He helped orchestrate our high school comedy benefit and continues to be our "go to" for anything even remotely funny. He originated the Young Angels' Standup in Juvenile Jail program that was taught at Camp David Gonzalez and was also the producer of the Young Angels' Juvenile Justice You Tube series, "Busted."

Board of Directors

Carol Pfannkuche,
Executive Director,
Ketchem Downtown YMCA, Los Angeles

Jay Dougherty,
Emeritus, Loyola Law School Professor of Entertainment Law
Los Angeles, CA

Leslee Feldman
Head of Casting, Dreamworks
Universal City, CA

Bridget Stennis, Automotative Consultant

Steve Cron, Criminal Defense Lawyer

Cron, Israels & Stark
Santa Monica, CA