Producers Blog

Rush turned out to be a great event. There was no gum on the floor, no one left anything behind, and we got to use our step & repeat for the first time. (That's the wall that people stand in front of when they are interviewed-- with all the logos on it.) Even though it took us an hour to figure out the mechanics of the step & repeat frame, we did it thanks to Pastor Meese, and Auggie from SEM who always helps us with everything, in addition to being the best security guard ever. The team did an excellent job, but it was a touch sad for the adults to know the seniors are on the home stretch. Hopefully they will be putting on events and saving the world at college.
On December 3rd, we're having a middle-school dance at Grace Temple Baptist Church with our new YA Dance+Film Leadership Team. If you are looking for service hours, get in touch. On December 7th, YA Emerging Artists & Executives are presenting a 21+ event called PASS IT ON at The Central Social Aid and Pleasure Club in Santa Monica, and finally, we'll try to squeeze out one more PAC PAL middle school dance.
Take of two Nicks: Film Intern, Nick Giggans-Hill, has a new video on our You Tube channel, and Teach for America's, Nick Melvoin, was the guest speaker last week at the PAC PAL Wednesday meeting. He told us about his two years teaching in a lower-income school in L.A. It's hard to believe that public schools in the same city can be so different. Wasn't there something about "equal" education? What was that term that existed before the Civil Rights movement-- "separate but equal"? From what we've seen, and from what Nick says, it seems like we've gotten to "separate and unequal". A lot of people are working hard to fix the problems. Young Angels of America staff and faculty are meeting some of the best, like Nick Melvoin, and John Deasy, and Quintin Robinson (both LAUSD, Office of the Superintendent).


The "Fire" dance on Friday was perfect. Rick Malambri star of Step Up 3 was the special guest, and he was amazing. Visiting with us in the kitchen, he said he'd come and visit the new dance team YA is sponsoring at Horace Mann Middle School. Totally unexpected. Really, really nice guy. Full of hugs for all, and patience for endless photographs. He drove himself to the event. No entourage. He had a Pinkberry with the production team, and ate a cupcake. Said it reminded him of when he was young, which must have been yesterday, in Florida, when people still had safe things to do.
Jordan and Chase did an excellent job checking for chewing gum, bit there was still the fun time scraping gum off the floor at the end of the evening. Warm green gum. We have now amended our bag search policy. No weapons, no alcohol, no drugs, and no gum. This should be the worst of our problems. Love and huge, Brook & Debbie