Young Angels has been bringing dance programs to classrooms, church halls and rec centers since 2006.  Today, Director Kevin Harris is developing a unique teaching method for children with special needs and is creating the media infrastructure to share it with teachers and studios across the country.  Please reach out if you would like to be part of this movement.  


Kevin HARRIS, Director 

Kevin Harris has been making dance all his life. Beyond that, he's been influencing the way young teachers look at teaching dance.  When Kevin approached Young Angels Network with the idea of creating a free performing arts program for children and young adults with Autism and Down Syndrome, we said "Yes," without missing a beat. Obliterating inequity in after-school and summer enrichment programs has been one of the core objectives of Community Service Live since our beginning. It is our hope that the drive within Kevin to create a new voice on the special-needs' scene will inspire other young influencers who think about making a difference in a new way, but aren't sure how to take the first step.   


teaching team

artists on adventure

Mychal McCulley

Jazz Dance


Mychal McCulley (Los Angeles, Ca) began his training at age 7 at Universal Dance Design. From there he moved at 9 years old to train as an original Debbie Allen Dance Academy student under the direction of Madam Adrienne Dellas-Thornton. Here he began training in a multitude of genres as well as working under greats such as Otis Sallid, Nathan Trice, Evelyn Thomas, George Zoritch, Desmond Richardson, Dwight Rhoden, and George Faison. He later began working professionally for such artists like Stevie Wonder, Destiny's Child, Missy Elliot, Westside Connection, Becky G, Jody Wately, Chaka Khan, and Deadmau5. He then became an original member and principal dancer with Masuka Dans Theatre. He has performed in several off Broadway productions like Loving The Silent Tears, as well as a soloist with Lula Washington Dance Theater performing across the States and Europe.  




Kristi Crader has been dancing since the age of three and now has over 15 years of professional experience as a dancer, choreographer and stage director working for movies, commercials, music videos, and TV. She has trained with such dance legends as Debbie Allen, Wade Robson, Dave Scott, Cris Judd, Mia Michaels, Bonnie Story, Chloe Arnold, Jayson Wright, Super Dave Royster, Luther Brown, Jason Samuels Smith and the legend Mr. Wiggles. Kristi has worked on films such as Stomp The Yard, Step Up 3D, and the new Ghostbusters in 2016. Her work has also been seen on So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With The Stars, and Jimmy Kimmel Live. With her love of dance, Kristi exercises her talents with choreography as well. She has taught at the famous The Pulse on Tour convention as well as Monsters of Hip Hop.     


Daunte' E. Fyall


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Angel hart

Musical Theater

Musical Theater – Angel Hart Angel is a dedicated singer/vocal instructor, with a proven track record of teaching critically-acclaimed vocal students of all levels and ages, six and up. She has a passion for education and a commitment to optimizing healthy vocal success for each student. For the past six years at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Angel has been a Vocal Director for the entire Academy, responsible for all music, vocal and choral arrangements for all of the academy’s productions, overseeing and guiding vocal styling, technique, controlled breathing and diction for all cast members. At Whittier College, Angel has been a private vocal coach to over 20 college students per semester. She has also been a Vocal Instructor at the Seth Riggs Vocal Studio for the past 15 years.  


Ina Haybaeck-rogers


Ina Haybaeck‐Rogers was born, raised and educated in Austria and earned her State Diploma for Classical Dance from the Austrian Theatrical Federation in 1995. She was the first Austrian citizen awarded the U.S. Government Grant for Studies of Dance, and studied for two years in the Foreign Student Program at Alvin Ailey, Ballet Arts, and New Dance Group in NYC. She was also trained in Modern Jazz by legendary Jaime Rogers. Her choreographic credits as a Ballroom-instructor include the movie The Wedding Crashers. For Dancing With The Stars she has prepared contestants off camera. Associate Dean at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy for six years, Ina is in her 8th Year as Artist in Residence at CHAMPS Charter High School of the Arts.       




Charli Smith / Charliene Michele Trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, and African at Debbie Allen Dance Academy, Charli has come in first and second in national and international dance competitions. She has been Choreographer/Dance Captain at CHAMPS Charter High School, where she has choreographed dance numbers for shows, was assistant to the production director, taught dance routines to lower dance levels, and wrote choreography. She also taught Tap at Releve Dance Studio’s Summer Intensive Camp.  


Emmett Reiner


Emmett Reiner is a cyber security researcher and 9th grade student. He is a certified cryptographer in cyber security theory. He is also undergoing certification in malware analysis and removal, along with deep forensics.

Emmett also has many other passions such as in the biohacking field, Boy Scouts, and cinematography/photographer. He has developed many techniques, and even a few full softwares for both Amazon Echo, the Mac operating system, and even Android Nougat. Emmett also takes part and leads a software development team. 

Emmett is producing an interview series with the faculty about their journeys from middle school to where they are today. We get to see how our teachers appear to the outside world, the famous names they've worked with, the successes they've had, and we also learn who they were when they were teens. 

The aim of the series is to highlight the personal experiences of the teachers and discover if they have ever felt "other" or outside the norm in their determination to make art.  

Our belief is that all stakeholders in this project have an individual lens with which they view the world, and a unique internal gauge that interprets stimulation from the world.  These are the assets that each student and each teacher brings to the project. 

This is a community service project.  Please inquire at for information on this and other service projects.